I’m so young, I’ve enough Time to wait

I need glasses, so I went to Apollo-Optics.
They’ve an special offer, 2 glasses with all special features inclusive for 200,-. I wanted a black and a red one. But the only red one for guys looks like the sixties womenglasses. OK, I decided to take only one glasses, but an expensive one with automatic sundimm.
With looking for the right glasses, waiting, making a second see, taking my data and an employee who didn’t know how to use a PC I was there for more than 45 minutes.
After that an employee who knows how to use a PC came and told me, that this glasses only can sell with a special glas. I thought, I’ve had to pay 190,-, 140,- for the glasses, 50,- for the sundimm. They offered me to take the special offer for the expensive glasses, two glasses for 300,-, this would be cheaper. I looked, I looked, I looked and then I said: “We made it so, I take my prescription and go to another optician.”

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