I think I could smile a little bit…

It’s a difficult situation, many people will die the next months, it be possible more than 50.000.000. That would be 0.66… percent of the human worldwide.
I hope instantly the human race will be deleted from this planet surface, to safe this planet, the natur and the animals. And 0.66… percent will be a well doing beginning, but like often, the old and ill people are dying first, so the human race will be rise up again. But perhaps the Covid-19 Virus is harder to fight as we think in this moment, and there will be much more people going away. I mean half of the humans could be a good chance for natur to strikes back and win places for living, like Venice shows. If it will less, then it’s meaningless and all the people can life, in my opinion.

Whoever recognizes Parallels may now become afraid

The virus is gradually spreading over this planet, the animals are taking back the cities (in one European capital – I forgot which – wild boars have been sighted, in Venice swans, fish and even some dolphins are returning).

So: Here is the streaming tip of the week – 12 Monkeys on Netflix.