Temporarily closed or forever,

you have never understood the world and never will.

When the dream is over

It’s like wakin’ up in the morning
When you feel you’ve had a good dream
But you can’t quite remember what is was
It’s like wakin’ up in the morning
When the dream’s just left a shadow
And you feel like a lost man
Who left his intended train too early
And at the wrong station
When the dream is over
You can try as hard as you can
You can only keep some sweet thoughts
But you can never ever get back
get back to that dream again

Udo Lindenberg – Helen Schneider

This is not a Advertising for the US Military or something like that. This is a great (for me) new Song from one of my earliest favourite female Singers Pat Benatar.

Served Like a Girl is a 2017 documentary film about the lives of female US Military Veterans as they compete for the crown of Ms. Veteran America, directed by Lysa Heslov. The film was produced by Seth Gordon. / Source: wikipedia (en)

The Kate Bush Day

Today I heared Kate Bush more than two hours from Vinyl and watched a documentation about her on Arte.
Only with a little break for “Boerse vor Acht” and “Tagesschau”

I started in 1982

and ended in 1985.

I also ordered Kate Bush: Remastered In Vinyl III and IV (180g).
She herself remastered the records, this two packages includes 12″ Mixes«, »The Other Side 1«, »The Other Side 2« and »In Others’ Words« (IV), and the alben »Aerial« (2005), »50 Words For Snow« (2011) and also the compilation »Director’s Cut« (2011) (III).